No Prayers in Heaven. Part 2

No Prayers in Heaven!!!
Why would I say that? Simple because Heaven is Holy, and Perfect. If it ain’t broke, why are you trying to fix it? That’s Heaven, there’s no need to pray there. Which gives us a clear understanding of the need for prayers on planet earth. Because it’s not perfect, it’s not Holy…it’s full of evil and corruption. You name it!
Prayers started going up a very short while after Creation, after Abel was killed, and as seen in Genesis 4:26, that men began to call upon the name of the Lord.
So the whole idea is acknowledging that you need to pray because of the imperfections herein, and reaching out to someone who’s in a Perfect place to help out. Someone who’s got the perfect and holy army at His beck and call. As long as you are on planet earth, the environment alone creates the need to pray. Consider it, even the most popular man in the world Jesus, prayed earnestly. So you can imagine, if we don’t pray, or request that Perfect Army’s help, what do you think happens? More trouble, more family issues, more wars, more killings, more atrocities etc.
Now in a situation, where everything is conducive or seems somewhat peaceful and at ease, and provides a reason not to pray, it’s a very big sign that the Army of Evil are seriously at work…not wanting help, not wanting improvements and betterment of the earth and it’s dwellers. It’s a perfect decoy, and clever strategy. Be wise