It started off in 2018, at my first corporate American Job; about 95% of my married colleagues were all divorced. Two of whom were close, had each been separated from their spouses for 3 and 4 different times respectively. Still at the same bank, during a group discussion, I shared how my wife and I had a miscarriage. The response I got was rather shocking. All three individuals retorted almost at the same time; Paraphrasing they said ‘’Be thankful that happened, you don’t want to have kids in America’’. I couldn’t believe what I heard. They went on to explain. Sincerely, their reasons almost made me agree with them, as they were somewhat valid. Now, all these folks were well-read and decent professionals.

Being an inquisitive fellow, and only having been in the country for less than a year, I decided to learn more about the American family, and found to a greater degree, the level of family failure and social decadence; and concluded that only Mercy can restore this. And that’s how the burden to pray for America came upon me, because a nation starts from a family. And these eventually extended to all families in the world. The anger and sadness I felt from the consequences of these failures were painful, plus it was just a lot. I feared my prayers couldn’t possibly reach all dysfunctional families. They seemed like a drop of water in an ocean. Until one day my wife, noticed I was discouraged from praying for people, and told me, instead of seeing your prayers as a drop of water in an ocean, why not see it as an ocean being poured into a bucket of water. Powerful. And that was it for me, I literally took the Ocean to signify the Holy Spirit.


Our Strategy.

  • To point as many people as possible to God, without having to say a word; letting the Power of God work.
  • Using every medium possible to be a blessing to someone.
  • The hope is, if just one prayer can go out, maybe one person can experience Joy from an answered prayer. If two persons can pray, more Joy. More people, the Joy is exponential. Imagine the happiness on people’s faces.
  • Because it was told to us, during a revelation, that the church is the vehicle for this course, we have confident that anyone that looks upon the YouCanPray sticker or inscription on any of the brands will, at that instant or soon be convicted by the Holy Spirit. That said, our part is to get it seen by as many as possible, through whichever medium available. And that is why our brands are not limited. We just want someone helped. We just want someone to remember or reflect on God. We just want someone to pray for someone else that needs healing. We just want Love and Peace once again.
  • Through our Blogging and social media pages, we will make prayer interesting to this generation.
  • Because of the rhetorical question Jesus asked in Luke 18:8; asking if He will find faith when He returns? This drive also is to prepare and sensitize a faith-based community of people, in readiness of His appearing.
  • Proceeds from sales to be used for reinvesting in similar courses, for the betterment of the communities, improvement of the underprivileged and to help offset bad debts of certain folks.